This blog is an experimental forum from the mind of Kirk Crady, a techie-turned-engineer-turned-writer;  a research lab worker by day, practicing word smith by night – though these two areas have never been rigidly separated.

Kirk continues to work for National Radio Astronomy Observatory as an electronics engineer, but he has always had a passion for literature and writing and a fascination for the nature of perception.  He finds writing about himself in the third person amusing and dangerous;  he usually ends up with his head between his knees until the receding mirror effect vanishes.

“I wake up every morning, and right off there is incredible news: I’ve lucked out again.  This life, this inexplicable self-awareness. . . it came back!  How is it possible one could take such a thing for granted, even as it returns like the sun day after day?”

What this blog is really About (initial post).


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